Used Cars and No Deposit Car Insurance

Used Cars & Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

I’d been running a small bakery service out of my home for a few years. I’d actually made a bit of a name for myself and started landing some pretty big wedding orders in the last few months. This was amazing, obviously, it was what I’d been waiting for and the inspiration I needed to do something gutsy. I quit my day job to focus on the baking business.

One of the first issues I ran into as my orders got bigger was that I couldn’t use my personal vehicle to do deliveries anymore. When I first started, I was taking a few dozen cookies to holiday parties or a cake to a birthday party. Now, things were getting serious. I decided it was time to head to used car dealerships and find a car for my business.

I knew I needed some kind of van. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to get it painted right away and was just going to stick the magnet that had my business info on it to advertise. So, it had to be in good shape and, preferably, in a nice color.

I was pretty excited when I started looked at used cars because they were so affordable; found some here: Another thing I really needed was an air conditioning system that worked well because transporting whipped icing in a hot car doesn’t work so well. Anyway, I was afraid that any of the used cars for sale that I found wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. Since I was buying a car for business I needed to get some extra car insurance coverage. I found a great deal on very cheap car insurance no deposit. Buying very cheap car insurance with no deposit was a big help in keeping my costs down.

Luckily, I had an amazing saleswoman who did everything she could to help me find the perfect van for my business. It has reasonable mileage, a newly revamped air conditioner, and it’s all white. This was so great, even when I did have time and money to get it properly painted, I wouldn’t have to worry about covering some ugly dark color.

My used car ended up changing everything for me. I even had to hire two assistants and we just started looking at renting commercial kitchen space. I’m not saying getting a company vehicle was the only reason my business is taking off. But, for me, buying it somehow made me feel more like a legitimate business owner. And that made me take chances that I’m not sure I would have been able to before. Next step? Opening a store front. I’m ready.