How I Managed to Score Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit – How I got a great deal

(This a post by my Wife!)

When we got a second car again, I wasn’t really sure how it was going to go. We’d been having some tough times financially since I got laid off. That was why we decided to sell the second car in the first place. I mean, I didn’t need it to get to work anymore and the expense was insane.

Anyway, we sold it and lived off that money for 2 months while I looked for a job. Did pretty well during those tough times, too. Somehow, we only paid 2 bills late. Unfortunately, that was enough to tank my credit score.

When we were offered a second car, we had to take it.  It was from my husband’s best friend who was moving out of state and didn’t want to have 2 cars there with him. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, really. We either accept the free car now or pay for one in a few months. Free seemed better.

I had been called back for a second interview for a position I really wanted. We had high hopes that it would work out and we’d need a second car again soon. My husband’s friend dropped it off and I stared at in our driveway. I was counting my blessings, honestly, it was such a nice thing to do. But I was worrying about the insurance, too. We didn’t really have anything to spare for a deposit. I was looking for something that I wasn’t sure actually existed: very cheap car insurance no deposit.

I started looking the way you look for everything these days. I scoured the internet. There were a lot of companies that claimed they wouldn’t ask for a deposit but most of them has minimal credit scores to qualify. Two missed payments and my score was nowhere near where I needed it to be. So, I just kept looking. And looking. And looking.

Eventually, I hit the gold mine. I found a company who was willing to work with me and ended up getting a really great deal. So, it seems like things are beginning to turn around. I found the company here: We got a free car with very cheap car insurance with no deposit. Oh, and here’s the best part: I got the job! I start next Monday and I am so excited. Wish me luck!