Month: December 2017

Used Cars and No Deposit Car Insurance

Used Cars & Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit I’d been running a small bakery service out of my home for a few years. I’d actually made a bit of a name for myself and started landing some… Read More

So who has the cheapest auto insurance with full coverage?

How I found cheap auto insurance with full coverage My car wasn’t brand new, but it was a newer model. And, I mean, it was new to me. I wasn’t planning on buying another one for a long… Read More

How I Managed to Score Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit – How I got a great deal (This a post by my Wife!) When we got a second car again, I wasn’t really sure how it was going to go. We’d been… Read More

Welcome to Saint John The Baptist

ohio barn

Hello and welcome, my name is John ( No relation!) I’m just a regular guy living in Ohio, who has big spiritual interest in Saint John, and for everything he did. I made this blog to share stories… Read More